Maps of the labors of Hercules

As the story goes, Hercules had been instructed by the Oracle of Delphi to perform twelve very difficult tasks (better known as labors), in order to redeem himself from all the evil deeds he had done.Click here to learn more about the hero's life.

In the two maps below, you can see the geographic areas and the locations (numbered from 1 to 12), where the twelve impossible feats took place. To get additional information about each labor, you can click on the number to be directed to the relevant location of the page.

Below the two maps, you can see a table with a brief description of each labor.

Map of labors of Hercules

The Nemean Lion The Lerna Hydra The Cerynitian Hind The Erymanthina Boar The Augeian Stables The Stymphalian Birds The capture of Cerberus

Map of labors of Hercules

The Cretan Bull The mares of Diomedes The belt of Hippolyte The cattle of Geryon The apples of Hesperides

Number Labor Location
1 Hide of Nemean Lion Nemea (argolid)
2 Lerna Hydra Lerna (argolid)
3 Cerynitian Hind Keryneia (behind Argolid and Achaia)
4 Erymanthian Boar Mt Erymanthos(Arcadia)
5 Augeian Stables Elis (West Peloponnese)
6 Stymphalian Birds Lake Stymphalis (Arcadia)
7 Cretan Bull Crete
8 Diomedes' Mares Thrace
9 Belt of Amazon Hippolyte North Asia Minor
10 The Cattle of Geryon Near straits of Gibraltar
11 Apples of Hesperides Somewhere in Libya
12 Capture of Cerberus Hades, near Cape Tainaron in Peloponnese

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