Meet all the Greek Gods and Goddesses

Like many ancient civilizations, the Greeks had not just one god, but many. The twelve greek gods and goddesses recognized as the original Olympians were led by Zeus, who overthrew his father Cronus, leader of the race of Titans, and secured the place of the gods and goddesses on the Mount Olympus. 

Though you might think a dozen deities would be more than enough, the Greeks had many others, such as Hades, Lord of the Underworld and Dionysus, the young god of wine. They also hosted dozens of minor deities: nymphs and lesser gods and goddesses.

At first, there was Chaos..

Similarly to other cultures, the Greeks were struggling to explore the truth about the first beginnings, how the world was first created. According to  Hesiod's Theogony, at first it was the Chaos, which at that age it meant Void and not disorder, as it means today. Click here to learn more about the myth of creation, as conceived by the ancient Greeks

The Reign of Zeus and the Gods of Olympus

As explained in the myth of creation, Zeus emerged triumphant from his encounter with his father Cronus, the mighty Titans and the other early immortals. He, and other 11 deities inhabited Mount Olympus and became the Gods of Olympus. Follow the links below to learn more about each and every one of the Gods of Olympus:

The lesser Gods

Apart from the Gods of Olympus, the Greeks worshipped a multitude of minor deities, which in essence personified either elements of nature, forms of artistic expression, or even spiritual concepts. Click here to find a more detailed account of all these deities.

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