How I built this site and turned my passion for Greek Mythology into a business

Me, Nicos Stylianou

Hullo, this is me Nicos Stylianou, the author of this site.

I guess that most of you must be wondering "what does website building has to do with greek mythology?". Well, to tell you the truth, at first I was a bit sceptical myself to write this page, since it would obviously add no value to the experience of my visitors coming to my site seeking only material related to greek mythology.

However, I finally decided to share my story, after I was definitely convinced that it would be worthwhile for you to hear it.

So, I beg for your attention and give me a few minutes of your precious time to explain!

My personal story

As I mentioned in my Contact Me page, I live on the island of Cyprus, in the eastern Mediterranean, happily raising with my wife, my two beautiful sons.

I regret to say,however, that the job I now have is not at all fulfilling: Although it is secure and it pays relatively well (I work in the civil service), I have the sinking feeling that I am stuck in a 9-to-5 boring job, which offers slim prospects for advancement and leaves very little room for personal achievement and creativity.

As I have always been fascinated with all the things going on in the internet world, I always kept searching for ways to get myself more involved in the subject of website building. I must admit, however, that I did not have a very clear picture in my head, of what exactly I was looking for. All those self-acclaimed online marketing gurus who promised instant riches in 24 hours, sounded too good to be true in my ears and I instictively avoided them.

And then, one day it happened! As I was browsing the web, I stumbled on a site which was talking about Site Built It! (SBI!).

Although at first I had my reservations fearing that this would be another online scam, after going through my initial exposure, I gradually felt that this could be what I was looking for: A focused, clear and doable step by step method to realize my dream to have my own online business!

What is SBI! anyway?

SBI! is the flagship product of a Canadian company called Sitesell.

In a nutshell, it is an online platform of tools which, coupled with an excellent, I must say, step by step guide enables you, starting from scratch, to build a successful website which can turn into a profitable online business.

In order to get better acquainted with what SBI! is all about, I personally recommend you to take the video tour, by clicking on the image below. If what they say that a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how many words a video is worth!

In this video, there is a brief introduction of the Sitesell founder and the brain behind SBI!, Dr Ken Evoy. In addition to watching the video, you will also be able to click on additional links, to explore SBI! in more detail. If you are on dialup and you have trouble watching the video, then click here to learn about SBI! in more detail.

SBI! TV Tour

My personal experience with SBI! and why I love it!

My personal journey with SBI! started last July (2007), when I decided to take the plunge and become an "SBIer". After over a year now that I have been working on developing my site and honing my skills on internet marketing and website building, I feel convinced that taking that decision really has changed my life!

Below, I would like to share with you some of the key aspects of SBI!, which made me fall in love with it:

  • One of the biggest reservations I had in the beginning, was the fact that I did not have the right technical background or skills which I thought were necessary to build a site. But my reservations quickly evaporated when I realized how easy it was with SBI! All the tools that make up the SBI! platform are designed in such a way, that it makes it easy (even for a novice like me) to build a site!

    Of course, don't get me wrong, as it is the case with everything that you have not been exposed before, there is a learning curve involved which requires a bit of dedication and perseverence to overcome.

    On the other hand, this is one of the aspects of my new experience that I actually enjoy! In the course of building my presence on the web, I get excited to acquire skills and knowledge that I did not have before, especially in an area which has so much potential in the future!

  • Apart from the state-of-the-art online tools, SBI! comes with a well-written action guide which explains in plain language and in detail all the steps that you have to take in order to develop you online business from scratch.

    The guide is divided into ten distinct modules which take you through the "C-T-P-M" process formula: Build Content, get Traffic from the Search Engines, Presell your site visitors and finally Monetize by building revenue streams. Click here to learn more about the SBI! process.

  • SBI! actually works! To tell you my own experience, although I was registered in SBI! since July 2007, I did not actually start writing my home page until late March 2008. In the course of the past six months, I was amazed to see in my traffic stats the number of my visitors climbing from a mere 5 to over 250!

    I have to say that I have not built any revenue streams yet, waiting first to build more solid content. Nevertheless, I have no doubt in my mind that money will ultimately come, because the SBI! process is founded on the solid principle that patience, perseverence and hard work ultimately lead to success!

    To prove further my point, I urge you to have a look at this: Successful SBI websites, built by normal people like you and me. All these sites are in the top 1% of the most successful sites on the web.

    You can also see that there is no limit to the diversity of topics that people choose as their site themes: Subjects range from personal hobbies and entertainment to electronics, travel, health, etc.

  • SBI! gave me the opportunity to build a site dedicated to my life long passion, Greek Mythology, and share this with like-minded people around the world.

    For me, this is the ideal combination: Talk about a subject that I truly love and make some money in the process! And then, the sky is the limit: When you become more accustomed to the process and the tools, then there is nothing stopping you from setting up additional sites, thus building more and more revenue streams, to reach your long-desired financial freedom.

    I urge you to have a look at these case studies of other SBIers, where real people from all walks of life talk about how SBI! has changed their lives

  • Another thing that I enjoy about SBI!, is that I had the chance to actively involve my 10-year old son in the process of building the site, asking him to help me with the collection of the content material and letting him get a first hand feel for each step of the guide.

    Apart from the obvious benefits of his exposure to the new technologies of the internet, I am delighted to see that it helps him work on his character qualities as well: Be able to clearly set goals in his life and actively pursue them, staying focused and relying on his hard work.

  • What is also very reassuring about SBI!, is its vibrant online community where each SBIer can actively seek and find advice and support about virtually anything. There is truly a spirit of enthusiasm among the members and the motto is "get help and pay it forward".

    Also, the support staff of SiteSell are excellent.When I once or twice found myself in dire straits about some technical issues which were driving me nuts, I was amazed at the quality and the speed of the responses I got.

  • Beyond its practical benefits (generation of income, learning of new skills etc.), what is so unique about SBI! is that it provides me what is lacking in my day-to-day job: A window of opportunity, from where I can look at my life with greater optimism and self-esteem, feeling that I can realize any dreams I set out to accomplish.

Click on the image below to watch other enthustiastic SBIers tell you their own story why they have fallen in love with SBI!

I Love SBI!

Want more information?

Below, I recommend additional information, which I myself found helpful, when I was doing my investigation about SBI!:

Want to have information straight from the experts?:This link will take you to a page where there are details of a phone number that you can use to reach an SBI! professional, who will answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can fill in an online form and you will get an answer by email. I personally recommend this, as I used it myself!

Want to know how SBI! compares against the competition? Click here to see for yourself how SBI! features compare both in terms of functionality and cost against two other leading web hosting services.

Netwriting Masters Course Free e-book: The founder of Sitesell, Dr Ken Evoy, has written a series of books in which he provides his insight into the underlying concepts of SBI! that led to its phenomenal success. He also offers his valuable advice on the necessary skills one needs to acquire, in order to build a successful online business.

One of these books that I highly recommend, is the "Netwriting Masters Course": In it, Dr Evoy gives an overview of the SBI! C-T-P-M methodology and concentrates on how to write high quality content, in order to achieve high online profits.

As a bonus for sticking with me so far on this page (!!), I give you this for free!

You can either click on the e-book image above to read it online (it is in PDF format), or you can download it by right clicking, to read it at your own leisure. Also, feel free to share it with your friends or family.

Why don't you give it a go...

Well, this is all what I wanted to share with you about SBI!

Check it out yourself!.

Please note that your investment is risk free. It comes with a rock-solid guarantee that, in case you change your mind, you get 100% your money back within the first 30 days of payment and on a pro rata basis after that, for whatever part of the year remains (you get to pay once a year).

Feel free to contact me through my online form, in case you want to ask me any questions!

I leave you with a quote from the movie "Matrix":

"I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one who must walk through it."

Morpheus, The Matrix

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