Prepare yourself to meet the great greek heroes!

Greek Mythology tales are filled with an impressive array of greek heroes, each one having his or her own story to tell. These mythological figures, are unique in their own right.

The english word hero comes from the Greek word hero. In one of its meanings, this term refers to great men who have died and have become protective local gods through their burial in the ground. Through their direct connection to the earth, these greek heroes defend their homeland during times of crisis.

Often the sons or daughters of deities, these extraordinary mortals won their fair share of glory, thrones and even immortality through their adventures. Some of them became heroes in wartime. Others made terrifying journeys to hell and back or slew fierce dragons, one eyed giants, and sea serpents. And a handful of heroes are remembered as much or more for their tragedies as for their triumphs.

Yet no matter what path to greatness they chose, these heroes have all become immortals-whether or not they rose up to Olympus-through the enduring stories of their adventures. What has made them so popular is the fact that they are so human, exhibiting weaknesses, behaviors and passions with which each one of us can easily identify.

Following the links below, you will be acquainted with each one of these heroes, learn about their passions, read about their stories and discover the secret of their ability to withstand the test of time and remain popular:


Hercules (or Heracles as better known by the Greeks) is without doubt the most popular hero of Greek Mythology. He is mostly known for his twelve labors, that he had to accomplish, in order to gain redemption for a crime he had committed. Click here to learn about the greatest of all the greek heroes


Another mythological hero who is also quite popular, is Perseus. Perseus is mostly known as the killer of Medusa, a monster whose face was so hideous, that just by looking at it, could turn you into stone! Click here to learn more about Perseus.


Theseus was the greatest hero and a king of ancient Athens. He is best known as the man who defeated minotaur (a beast half man and half bull) and escaped the labyrinth in the Minoan palace of Crete. Click here to learn more about Theseus.


Achilles was without doubt the greatest hero of the 10-year Trojan War. Click here to learn more about him.

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