Greek Mythology Paintings

Here you can have a look on pictures of famous greek mythology paintings,which are kept in the museum "Hermitage" in St Petersbourg, Russia.

As you can see, next to each picture there is a small description, where you can read some details about the painting, such as the name of the painting and the name of the artist, the approximate year it was completed, the name of the museum that the painting is now kept and finally some words about its theme.

When you browse, you can see a larger version of any picture by clicking on its image in the gallery. The larger picture loads inside a window on the same page, which you can close by clicking anywhere on the image.

Aphrodite and Eros Name:"Aphrodite and Eros"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Lucas Cranach Sr.,1509
Theme:Goddess Aphrodite and Eros, god of love.
Danae waiting for Zeus Name:"Danae"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Vezellio Titsiano,1546-1553
Theme:Danae,mother of Perseus, lays in bed waiting for Zeus transformed as golden rain.
Perseus rescues Andromeda Name:"Perseus rescues Andromeda"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Peter Paul Rubens,ca. 1622
Theme:Perseus rescues Andromeda on his return trip after slaying Medusa.
Danae and Eros waiting for Zeus Name:"Danae"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Rembrandt,1636-1650
Theme:Danae,waiting for Zeus,while Eros hovers above her.
Landscape with mythological deities Name:"Landscape with Polyphemus"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Nicolas Poussin,1649
Theme:Various mythological deities set in a beautiful landscape.
Landscape with Apollo and Sivilla Name:"Landscape with Apollo and Sivilla"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Claude Lorrain,1650-1660
Theme:God Apollo courting Sivilla.
Andromeda follows Perseus after her rescue Name:"Perseus and Andromeda"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Anton Raphael Mengs,1774-1777
Theme:Andromeda follows Perseus and Eros after her rescue.
Sapfo with her lover Phaeon Name:"Sapfo and Phaeon"
Museum:St Petersburg ("Hermitage"),Russia
Artist and Year:Jacques-Luis David,1809
Theme:Female poet Sapfo with her lover Phaeon, who is struck by Eros' arrows.

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