Trojan War Greek allies

The Trojan War is considered to be one of the greatest expeditions in ancient history.

Reference to the magnitude of the war effort on part of the Greeks, is made in the second book of Homer's Iliad, which is the main historical source of information about the war.

According to the Iliad, the Greek forces consisted of 28 contingents from mainland Greece, the Peloponnese, the Dodecanese islands, Crete, and Ithaca, comprising about 1200 ships. These numbers would mean a total force of 70,000 to 130,000 men.

Below, there is a map of the regions of Greece which took part in the war and a table which provides more detail about each region, namely the names of the leaders and the total number of ships despatched.

Trojan War Greek allies

Number Region Leaders Number of ships
1 Boiotia Peneleos, Leitos, Arkesilaos, Prothoenor, Klonios 50
2 Orchomenos Askalaphos, Ialmenos 30
3 Phokis Schedios, Epistrophos 40
4 Lokris Ajax, son of Oileus 40
5 Euboia Elephenor 40
6 Athens Memestheus 50
7 Salamis Ajax, son of Telamon 12
8 Argos & Tiryns Diomedes, Sthenelos, Euryalos 80
9 Mycenae & Corinth Agamemnon 100
10 Sparta Menelaus 60
11 Pylos Nestor 90
12 Arcadia Agapenor 60
13 Elis Amphimachos, Thalpios, Diores, Polyxeinos 40
14 Doulichion Meges 40
15 Ithaca Odysseus 12
16 Aitolia Thoas 40
17 Crete Idomeneus, Meriones 80
18 Rhodes Tlepolemos 9
19 Syme Nireus 3
20 Kos Pheidippos, Antiphos 30
21 Pelasgian Argos Achilles 50
22 North of Euboia Protesilaos 40
23 Pherai Eumelos 11
24 Meliboia Philoktetes 7
25 Trikke Podaleirios 30
26 Ormenion Eurypylos 40
27 Argissa Polypoites, Leonteus 40
28 North Western Greece Gouneus 22

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